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Yamaha/Nippon Gakki N7700 Stylus Ref 767D

Yamaha/Nippon Gakki N7700 Stylus Ref 767D

Price: 15.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 767D compatible with Audio Technica AT3600L/Yamaha N7700, N7800 as fitted to cartridges on turntable/record player systems below:
Cartridge Numbers: CG7700, CG7800
Record Player Models: Yamaha CS350, CS450, CS460, CS470CD, CS550, CS560, P06, P07, P17, P26, P27, P220, P320, P520, Q17, Q27, System 17, System 27, System 28, System 35, System 36, System 45, System 46, System 67, System 68, System 78, System 300, System 400, System 500, System AVC-30, System R3, TT300, TT400, TT500
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 3.50 grams, Colour: White (may vary)

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