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Pioneer PC290T, PC-290T Stylus Ref 377D

Pioneer PC290T, PC-290T Stylus Ref 377D

Price: 20.00

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Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 377 compatible with Pioneer PN290Tas fitted to Pioneer cartridges on turntable/record player systems below:
Cartridge Numbers: PC290T
Record Player Models: Ampli Syntoniseur, Ara 70, C110CD, Colibri 50, Fregate 90, Midi S330, PL3F, PL110Z, PL111ZL, PL212, PL220ZL, PL221ZL, PL460, PL560, PL2212, PLX10, PLX20, PLX21Z, PLX21ZL, PLX100, PLX200, PLX212, PLZ11, PLZ100, PLZ600, PLZ750, PLZ800, PLZ950, S100, S110, S200, S300, S330, S550, S660CD, SW10, System E2000, System X1100, System X2100, System X300, System X4100, System X6100CD, System X7W, System X70W, System X7100CD, System X9100AV, System Z750, System Z950, X100, X1100, X2100, X4100, X6100, X7W, X70, X7100, X9100, XA500, XA505W, XZ1000, XZ1010, XZ2030, XZ3000, XZ3030
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1.25 grams, Colour: White (may vary)

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