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Sonotone V100, V101 Stylus Ref 660D

Sonotone V100, V101 Stylus Ref 660D

Price: 23.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 660D compatible with Sonotone V100, V101 as fitted to Sonotone cartridges below:
Cartridge Numbers: V100, V101
Record Player Models: Ambassador Audio 3, Bush 1500, 3049, 3541, 7840, 8DT7820, Dynatron Beaufort RG6, GC1830PW, MC1010CR, MC1930PM, RG96, SRX20, SRX32, Expert Group 40, 42, Ferguson 30D, 3494, 3920, 3921, 3981, Studio 1000, Studio 30D, Studio 40D, Garrard GA155, SP25 MkIV, Hacker G600, MC600, Hinari, Hitachi, LO-D, DSST110, SDT150, SDT160, SDT2480R, SDT7640, SDT7820, SDT7840, SDT9820, Juliette JCA20, Murphy 3200A, Stereo Sound 601SD, Ultra 6920, 6923
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: # grams, Colour: Black (may vary)

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