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Shure N95ED Stylus Ref 629E

Shure N95ED Stylus Ref 629E

Price: 29.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Elliptical Stylus Ref 629 compatible with Shure N95ED as fitted to Shure cartridges below:
Cartridge Numbers: 9958ED, 395ED, AM99ED, C965, EC22, ECO95ED, EL965ED, JR-2, M83PED, M95ED, M95ED/D, M95HE, M95HE/D, M105EG, M111HE, M115ED, M250ED, M495ED, M595, M905EX, M911ED, M925ED, M951ED, M952ED, M954ED, M959ED, M995ED, M2020ED, M9095ED, M9502ED, ME915D, ML115ED, MO95, MT500HE, P95ED, PREMIER Yellow, PRO95, R9000E, R9000E-LWS, RD191, RD195, RM950, RM950ED, Tracer 2, Tracer 4, TX9E, SB19DE, W950ED, Z9595ED
Record Player Models: Aiwa 2600, AF5080, BIC 402, 602, 802, SP65, SP85, Garrard DD75, DD450, DD455, DDQ500, DDQ650, GT250, GT350, GT355, Grundig RPG500, System 20, Marantz 6200, Sony PS4750, Thorens TD145 MKII, Realistic 42-2970, LAB 500
Stylus Profile: Elliptical Diamond (Upgrade for N95G), Tracking Force: 0.75 to 1.50 grams, Colour: Yellow (may vary)

Upgrade Shure N95HE Hyperelliptical Stylus

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