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Shure M92E, N92E Stylus Ref 466E

Shure M92E, N92E Stylus Ref 466E

Price: 29.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Elliptical Stylus Ref 446 compatible with Shure N92E as fitted to Shure cartridges below:
Cartridge Numbers: 500S, 800E, 800S, Alta Pro 2, Alta Pro 4, EWC1, HA75E, HE50S, HE100, HE100E, HE500S, HE800S, JB5, JB10, JB Series Red, Laser 1, M92E, M1200E, ND1000, P50E, P75, P200E, Pro Track 4, PRO5 IMP, PROART 2, PROTRAC 3, SB5, STPR505, SU55, SU75, T40-4, V15HR-P
Stylus Profile: Elliptical Diamond, Tracking Force: 0.75 to 1.50 grams, Colour: Red (may vary)

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