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Sansui SNP313 Stylus, Audio Technica ATN3472P Ref 125D

Sansui SNP313 Stylus, Audio Technica ATN3472P Ref 125D

Price: 17.00

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Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 125 compatible with Audio Technica ATN3472P/Sansui SNP313, SNP515 as fitted to cartridges on Sansui Turntable/Record Players below:
Cartridge Numbers: SVP313, SVP515
Record Player Models: AV4000, Black Mac, Compo E500, CR-M330W, GX-710, GX-909, HG350, HG550, HG750, IS-10B, IS-30D, IS-41, IS-61, IS-66, IS-69, IS-70C, IS-88, IS-89, IS-90, IS-110D, IS-110E, IS-119, IS-159, IS-500, IS-650, IS-700, IS-750, IS-950, IS-990, IS-1100, M-55, M-77, M-500, Midi System M330W, Midi System M500, P-900, P-D11, P-D15, P-D21, P-D30, P-D31, P-E300, P-E350, P-E750, P-L15, P-L35, P-L41, P-L45, P-L55, P-M40, P-M50, P-M55, P-M330, P-M500, P-M700, Super Compo System
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1.25 to 1.50 grams, Colour: Blue (may vary)

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