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Ronette TO284 Stylus Ref 12S

Ronette TO284 Stylus Ref 12S

Price: 7.50

in stock

Replacement Sapphire Stylus Ref 12S compatible with Ronette TO284 as fitted to cartridges and record players listed below:
Cartridge Numbers: Ronette DC284, DC400, DT60, MT67, RA284
Record Player Models: Admiral RP608, Airline 2316, 2346, Dynavox 100, Electrophonic 906, 908, General Electric RP1114, RP1127, RP1128, Motorola SP35, Penncrest 5101, 5110, 5112, 5113, 5114, 5115, 5497, Scneider Bamba, Banjo, Dambo
Stylus Profile: Spherical Sapphire, Tracking Force: 6 grams, Colour: Copper

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