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Pickering D200, XV15 Stylus Ref 360E

Pickering D200, XV15 Stylus Ref 360E

Price: 32.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Elliptical Stylus Ref 360E compatible with Pickering D140, D200, D400, D625, D750, D1200, D3000 for fitment to Pickering cartridges below:
Cartridge: 390 MkIII, 950 EE II, Micro 395E, MX15 800E, MX15 900E, V15 202E, V15 303E, V15 380E, V15 440E, V15 480E, V15 610E, V15 615E, V15 630E, V15 640E, V15 660E, V15 690E, V15 691E, V15 710E, V15 725E, V15 810E, V15 Micro V, XSP3003, XSV3000, XV15, XV15 140E, XV15 200E, XV15 400E, XV15 625E, XV15 750E, XV15 1200E, XV15 3000E
Stylus Profile: Elliptical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1 to 3 grams, Colour: White/Black (may vary)

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