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Pickering D1507, V15AT3 Stylus Ref 796D

Pickering D1507, V15AT3 Stylus Ref 796D

Price: 24.00

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Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 796D compatible with Pickering V15 D1507 AC3, AM3, AT3 for Pickering cartridges fitted to turntable and record player systems below:
Cartridge: V15AC3, V15AM3, V15AT3, V15HAT, V15HB
Record Player Models: Airline 2732, 2742, 2752, Fisher 594, 974, Kenwood 505, 606, 707, KLH 24, 717, Lafayet LRC60, LRC70, LSC30R, LSC30K, Realistic 42-2929, 42-2949, Schaub Lorentz C981, Sony HP465, HP465A, HP580, HP610, HP610A, HSTD3, HSTD5, Midi D4, Midi D7, Midi D9CD, Midi V715, Midi V7700, News D10, News D20, News D40, News D50, News D70, Precise D101, Precise D301, Precise V700, Precise V701, Precise V901, PSCX700, PSL750, PSLX35P, PSLX45, PSLX50, PSLX60, PSLX62, PSLX63, PSLX70, PSLX100, PSLX205, PSLX210, PSLX220, PSLX231, PSLX235, PSLX255, PSLX285, PSLX310, PSLX431, PSLX550, PSLX700, PSLX750, PSLX2095, PSV715, S30, S70, S205, S220, S320, S5500, S7700, Session 205, Session D, Session F, Session W, Session T1, Session T2, Session T3, Session X10, Session X30, Session X50, SR2, System M360, System S205, V715, V7700CD, XD750W, XOD1, XOD4, XOD301, XOD501
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 2 to 5 grams, Colour: Grey (may vary)

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