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Philips GP400 II Stylus Ref 640D

Philips GP400 II Stylus Ref 640D

Price: 20.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 640 compatible with Philips GP400 II as fitted to Philips cartridges and record players below:
Cartridge Numbers: GP400 II, GP500 II
Record Player Models: Philips 22GA406, 437, 677, AF677, AF777, AH974, AH985, F121, F122, F220, F223, F225, F516, F1530, F2225, F7012, F7112, F7122, F7124, F7222, F7511, F7610, GA437, RH832, RH878, RH937, RT143, ST4122, Radiola F1320, F1620, F1720, RT25, RT30, RT30SRT133, RT143, Schneider 12001, 3001, 4001, 5777, 6001, 8001, FT2722, Slim Line, ST1722, ST2721, ST3102, ST3130
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1.5 to 3 grams, Colour: Black (may vary)

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