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Philips GP330, GP350, GP351 Stylus Ref 578D

Philips GP330, GP350, GP351 Stylus Ref 578D

Price: 18.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 578D compatible with Philips GP330, GP350. GP351 cartridge as fitted to Philips FP140, FP142, FP146, FP148, FP150, FP362, FP364DD, FP365, FP440, FP455, FP650, FP763, M100, M200, M300, M400, M500, CDF445, F150, F151, F152D, F254, F257, F258, F362, F363, F364, F365, F435S, F440, F443, F453, F455, F464, F465, F567, F1575, F1645, F7114, F7130, F7135, F7230, Laser 32, Laser 40, Laser 42, Laser 50, Laser 55, Laser 62, Laser 3000, Laser 3200, Laser 4000, Laser 4200, Laser 5000, Laser 5005, Laser 6200, Laser F150, Laser F151, Laser F1560, Laser F NOIR, Midi 31, Midi 35, Midi 36, Midi 50, Midi 80, Midi 2300, Midi 2320, Midi 2420, Midi CDF 445, Midi F257, Midi F258, Midi F435, Midi F440, Midi F443, Midi F454, Midi F455, P563, P567, P2600, P2610, Power Pack 42 CM, Profi 88-10, Profi 88-20, R144, R152, Rack 25, Rack 30, Rack 40, RACK F130, Rack F130R, Rack F141, Rack F141R record players, turntables and systems.

Upgrade Philips GP331E Elliptical Stylus

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