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Philips GP215 Stylus Ref 588D

Philips GP215 Stylus Ref 588D

Price: 37.00

in stock

Replacement Ceramic Cartridge complete with Diamond Stylus Ref 588D compatible with Philips GP214, GP215 as fitted to Philips cartridges and record players below:
Cartridge Numbers: GP214, GP215
Record Player Models: Philips 133, 270, 280, 380, 390, 392, 412, 423, 462, 523, 614, 623, 714, 807, 811, 814, 827, 901, 943, 1210, 1410, 85851, 22AH970, AB960, AF372, AF382, AF390, AF461, AF471, AF571, AF572, AF877, AH960, AH963, AH970, B14, D5220, D5320, D5420, D5422, D5520, D8734, F1040, F1042, F1125, F1130, F1131, F1140, F1141, F1155, F1210, F1231, F1240, F1241, F1250, F1340, F1340R, F1350, F1355, F1356, F1410, F1420, F1465, F1551, F1552, F1560, F1650, F1652, FCD465, FCD562, FCD762, GA145, GA146, GA161, GA205, GA214, GA224, GA228, GA532, GA632, GF040, GF043, GF044, GF044, GF100, GF103, GF110, GF113, GF123, GF133, GF148, GF210, GF227, GF228, GF233, GF245, GF248, GF251, GF300, GF303, GF328, GF332, GF340, GF347, GF351, GF372, GF382, GF403, GF410, GF432, GF443, GF446, GF447, GF503, GF504, GF523, GF528, GF533, GF603, GF614, GF623, GF628, GF632, GF633, GF651, GF660, GF661, GF705, GF714, GF715, GF732, GF805, GF827, GF851, GF804, GF814, GR245, Intergrati HiFi, Kubo 25, Laser 1700, Laser 2000, Laser 2500, NG84, RB850, RB940, Sound Rack, Radiola CC151, CC361, CM761, CM763, CS451, CS464, CS466, CS467, CS633, CS663, CX451, CX663, F1420, RA207, RA251, RA351-28, RA514-28, RA614, RA814, RA850-28, RA940, RA943-28, Schneider ST104, ST6155, TR3502
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 5 grams, Colour: Black/White (may vary)

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