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Philips AG3306 LPS Stylus Ref 122SS

Philips AG3306 LPS Stylus Ref 122SS

Price: 10.00

in stock

Replacement Sapphire Stylus Ref 122SS compatible with Philips Norelco AG3306 Stereo/Stereo as fitted to cartridges on turntable/record player systems below:
Cartridge Numbers: Philips GP204, GP224, GP230, GP300, GP306
Record Player Models: Atena Camping, Arayla Reela Phonorex, Cartel Cart Concerto, Parsival, Far Discorad, Grundig 1-U, 2-U, Automatic 36, Automatic 60, Bergamo 4, Mandollo, Como Stereo, KS507C, KS700, KS712-754, KS740, KS742, KS750, Locarno, Mandello, PS3, Verdi, Imperator Compact, Consul, Musica, Vivaldi Stereo, Korting Amica 70, Hamburg, Palermo, Kuba Mexico, Palma, Tango, Lafayette AC50, Mercury AG4100, AG4230, AG5000, GF340, Philips 835, 22GP AHAV, AHLW, AE290, EV181, GF040, GF043, GF044, GF047, GF100, GF110, GF228, GF410, GF423, GF432, GF447, GF528, Prinz Schubert 9722, Radiola HF943, RA530-28, RA633, RA2250, RA4506, RA4606, RA4750, RA5814, Reela Platine Philips, Spring Combina Rosita, Titan Elysee, Stereo 12, Richelieu
Stylus Profile: Spherical Sapphire, Tracking Force: 3 to 6 grams, Colour: Ivory (may vary)

Replacement Cartridge Philips GP204 - Only a Few Left In Stock

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