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National Panasonic Technics EPCP24S, P24 Stylus Ref 332D

National Panasonic Technics EPCP24S, P24 Stylus Ref 332D

Price: 19.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 332D compatible with National Panasonic Technics EPS22CS, EPS24CS, EPS27CS as fitted to cartridges on turntable/record player systems below:
Cartridge Numbers: EPCP24S
Record Player Models: 350, 3800, B-22, ENSEMBLE 3,5,7, ENSEMBLE 500, ENSEMBLE X11W, X25, X33W, X77, X90W, ENSEMBLE X800, X820, X830, X840, X860, ENSEMBLE Z50, Z150, JACKET SYSTEM 55, 88, LA MINI, MIDI880, MIDI HIFI VI, P27, PLN5, PRIVILEGE C02, C03, RX C45, SA129L, SB R100, SC3610, SC3620, SC3630, SC3640, SC3700, SC3730, SC3740, SC3800, SC3840, SCA610, SCA630, SCA640, SCA650, SCA810, SCA820, SCA830, SCA840, SCA850, SCA886, SCA887, SCD510, SCD530, SCD540, SCD550, SCD560, SL212, SL3, SL5, SL6, SL7, SLB2, SLB5, SLB10, SLB20, SLB21, SLB30, SLB31, SLB100, SLB200, SLB202, SLB210, SLB270, SLB280, SLB300, SLB303, SLB310, SLB500, SLBD1K, SLBD10, SLBD20, SLBD20A, SLBD22, SLBD22K, SLBD26, SLBD27, SLBD35K, SLBL3, SLD1, SLD4, SLD5, SLD20, SLD21, SLD30, SLD31, SLD202, SLD210, SLD212, SLD310, SLD500, SLDD22, SLDD33, SLDL1, SLDL5, SLH306, SLH307, SLH309, SLH310, SLH350, SLH403, SLJ100R, SLJ110R, SLJ300R, SLJ11D, SLJ33, SLJ33K, SLJ90, SLJ92, SLJS15C, SLJS16R, SLJS17, SLL20K, SLM1, SLM2, SLMA1, SLN15, SLN25, SLQ1, SLQ20, SLQ21, SLQ30, SLQ202, SLQ210 (some check colour), SLQ212, SLQ303, SLQ310, SLQ312, SLQD22, SLQD33, SLQD33K, SLQL1, SLQL15K, SLV5, SLV15, SP10, SYSTEM 1, SYSTEM 2, SYSTEM 3, SYSTEM 4, SYSTEM 10, SYSTEM 30, SYSTEM 35, SYSTEM 120, SYSTEM 350, SYSTEM 500, SYSTEM 700, SYSTEM 840, SYSTEM 930, SYSTEM 950, SYSTEM 980D, SYSTEM SCA640, SYSTEM SLJ110R, SYSTEM X1, SYSTEM X820, SYSTEM X830, SYSTEM X840, SYSTEMX 860, SYSTEM X880, SYSTEM X977, SYSTEM Z25, SYSTEM Z50, SYSTEM Z100, SYSTEM Z150, SYSTEM Z200, SYSTEM Z300, SYSTEM Z400, TYPE 10, TYPE 25, TYPE 35, X800, X820, X830, X840, X860, X900, X920, X930, X950, X977, X980D, X990D, Z15, Z35, Z50, Z55, Z75, Z100, Z120, Z150, Z200K, Z300K
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1.50-2.00 grams, Colour: Transparent Orange (may vary)

Upgrade Elliptical Diamond Stylus EPS202ED

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