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National Panasonic Technics EPC P33 Stylus Ref 349D

National Panasonic Technics EPC P33 Stylus Ref 349D

Price: 16.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 349 compatible with National Panasonic Technics EPS33CS, P33D as fitted to cartridges on turntable/record player systems below:
Cartridge Numbers: EPC P33
Record Player Models: ENSEMBLE 700, ENSEMBLE V40, V60, JACKET SYSTEM 66/90, K2, K6, SC3400, SC3500, SC3600, SCA200, SCA210, SCA220, SCA230, SCD110, SCD120, SCD130, SERIES 315, SL-AV500, SL-B250, SL-BD, SL-BD10, SL-BD2, SL-BD21, SL-BD22, SLBD24, SLBD3, SLBD30, SL-D250, SL-DD2, SL-DD3, SL-DD22, SL-DD33, SL-F1, SL-J1, SL-J11, SL-J110R, SL-J2, SL-J3, SL-J22, SL-JS1, SL-L1, SL-L2, SL-L3, SL-L20, SL-M2, SL-M3, SL-MA1, SL-N5NX, SL-Q15, SL-Q200, SL-Q210, SL-Q300, SL-Q5, SL-Q6, SL-QD2, SL-QD21, SL-QD22, SL-QD3, SL-QD33, SL-QL5, SL-QX200, SL-QX300, SQ-310, SS-L3, SYSTEM 5, SYSTEM 6, SYSTEM 15, SYSTEM 25, SYSTEM 25A, SYSTEM 45, SYSTEM 55, SYSTEM 65, SYSTEM 70, SYSTEM 90, SYSTEM 210, SYSTEM 990CD, SYSTEM K20, SYSTEM PRO8, SYSTEM V1X, SYSTEM V2X, SYSTEM V4X, SYSTEM V6X, SYSTEM V7X, SYSTEM V455, SYSTEM V555, SYSTEM X22, SYSTEM Z15, SYSTEM Z35, SYSTEM Z55, SYSTEM Z75, SYSTEM Z250, SYSTEM Z700, SYSTEM Z960, SYSTEM Z980, SYSTEM Z450W, TYPE 45/55, V-455, V-555, X-20, X-30W, X-50, X-70W, X-90W, Z-250, Z-450, Z-700
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1.00-2.00 grams, Colour: Grey (may vary)

Upgrade Elliptical Diamond Stylus EPS30ES

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