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National Panasonic Technics EPS13 Stylus Ref 594D

National Panasonic Technics EPS13 Stylus Ref 594D

Price: 11.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 594D compatible with National Panasonic Technics EPS13 ST-LP as fitted to cartridges on turntable/record player systems below:
Cartridge Numbers: Denon PU1270, PU1280, SPC310B/C/D, National EPC34TTAD, EPC35TTAD, EPC35TTBD, EPC71, Sharp C54, C512D, Sonotone 51T, 52T, 54T, 60T, 61T, Trio Track EPC34
Record Player Models: National Panasonic RD7676D/N, RD7678, RD9090, RE7014, RE7070, RE7453, RE7670, RE7700, RE7820, RS257, RS281, SC555, SE180, SE210, SE1040, SE1050, SE1099, SE1217-1519, SE1617, SE1619, SE2050, SE3080, SE4080, SG572, SG671, SG674, SG675, SG990, SG999, SG1050, SS8040, SS9900
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 4.0 to 5.0 grams, Colour: Black

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