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Marantz CT140 Stylus Ref 125D

Marantz CT140 Stylus Ref 125D

Price: 17.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 125 compatible with Audio Technica ATN3472P/Marantz CT140 as fitted to cartridges on Marantz turntable/record players below:
Cartridge Numbers: TT140
Record Player Models: TT140, TT165, TT170, TT185, TT240, TT340, TT351, TT430, TT440, TT451
Record Player Models: AVDX132CD, AVH100, AVH1000CD, AVSS212, AVV212CD, CS710, CS710CD, CS1112, CS1112CD, CS1512CD, DS113, DS113CH, DX712, DX712CD, DX1112CD, DX1115CD, DX1512CD, DX1515CD, eCLIPSE, GC55, GF24, GF34, GF44, GF54, GF64, LD100B, LD100W, LX100, LX110, LX130, MS401, MS403, MS440, MS501, MS540, MS601, MS640, MS701AV, MS1101AV, MS3008, MS5008, MX165, MX393, MX483, MX493, MX583, MZ5100, MZ5110, MZ8500, RX100CH, TT140, TT152, TT162, TT165, TT170, TT185, TT240, TT240CT, TT251, TT340, TT340CT, TT351, TT430, TT440, TT440CT, TT483, TT530CT, TT551CT, X500, X515CD, XDX112CD, XDX1355, XDX1705CD
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1.25 to 1.50 grams, Colour: Ivory (may vary)

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