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JVC Victor Nivico DT45, DT57, DT64 Stylus Ref 569D

JVC Victor Nivico DT45, DT57, DT64 Stylus Ref 569D

Price: 15.00

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Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 569 compatible with JVC Victor Nivico DT45, DT57, DT64 as fitted to cartridges on turntable/record player systems below:
Cartridge Numbers: MD1045, MD1045B
Record Player Models: AL-A1, AL-A151BK, AL-E1BK, AL-E5BK, AL-E500BK, AL-E700BK, AL-F3BK, AL-F30BK, AL-F33BK, AL-F330BK, AL-F350BK, AL-F353BK, AL-F555BK, AL-F555FQ, AL-L20R, AL-L20RBK, F-FX2, F-FX22B, G-X2B, G-X3B, G-X4B, G-X22, G-X30, G-X33RCD, G-X330, G-X555, G-X1000, G-X2200S, GX-W33RCD, GX-W220CD, L-E22, L-E33, L-E50B, L-E600, L-FX2B, L-FE22B, L-L1, MHT501, Midi E22, Midi E30, Midi E50, Midi E300 II, Midi E600 II, Midi W2, Midi W3CD, Midi W5CD, Midi W7CD, Midi W500CD, Midi W700CD, Midi W900CD, QL-L2, QL-L20B, Stylistic G-X2, Stylistic G-X3, Stylistic GX4R, Stylistic G-X1000, System 50, System 55, System 60CD, System 900, System 950, System RX450, System RX550, X-3, X-33
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1.25 grams, Colour: Blue (may vary)

Upgrade Elliptical Diamond Stylus DT45E, ATN3472EP

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