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Hitachi DS-ST12 Stylus Ref 294D

Hitachi DS-ST12 Stylus Ref 294D

Price: 15.00

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 294D compatible with Hitachi DS-ST12, DS-ST14 as fitted to Hitachi cartridges for turntable/record player systems below:
Cartridge Numbers: MT12, MT14, MT20E
Record Player Models: 200TV, 4100CV, 5028, 5035, 5050, 5051, 5100, 5101, 6002, 6100, A30W, D30W, D50W, HT1, HT2, HT6, HT7, HT7A, HT12, HT17, HT101, HT102, HT303, HTL7, HTL101, HTL202, HTL55, L33, LEADER System, MD58CD, MD58CDX, MIDI58, MT14, RKG7200, S7, S9, S17, S19, S37, S57, SM01R, SM22, System 2, System 7, System 9, System 9W, System 12, System 37, System 37W, System 57, System 101, System 202, System 5028, System 5035M, System 6100CD, System W500, T53
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1.50 to 2.50 grams, Colour: Ivory (may vary).

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