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Grado Prestige Gold+3 T4P Cartridge

Grado Prestige Gold+3 T4P Cartridge

Price: 239.00 (Including VAT UK at 20%)

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The Prestige Gold3 T4P plug in cartridge is the highest quality Grado T4P type plug in cartridge most suitable for many Technics, Hitachi, Pioneer and similar linear tracking turntables with provision for setting vertical tracking force in the range 1.6 to 1.9 gram.

The Gold3 uses the same four piece OTL cantilever with a Grado specific elliptical diamond stylus mounted on a brass bushing as the Silver3. With the Silver3 and Gold3, a machined turned generator is used to achieve a lower distortion and greater transparency. The Gold3 are hand selected from Silver3 production runs which meet higher test specifications. Approximately 5% of the run usually exhibits these specifications to become a Gold3.

With the recent development of the highly received Lineage Series of cartridges, Grado were able to have a trickle down of technology and bring a new technique to the Silver3 & Gold3. This updated series of cartridges offers excellent tonal balance, dynamics, and realism, for a most rewarding reproduction of vocals and instruments. The coil winding techniques, using ultra high purity copper wire were honed during the development of the Lineage Series, have let the electrical circuits achieve unison between the four coils in each phono cartridge. This allows for a precise balance between channels and accurate stereo imaging.

As in all Grado phono cartridges the Gold3 is powered by a twin magnet system that optimizes the balance between stereo channels. All internal magnetic circuit parts are held to extremely high tolerances creating the desired stereo imaging. Grados patented Flux-Bridger design allows the Gold3 to have one of the lowest effective moving mass generating systems while creating an excellent balance throughout the full frequency range.
Type Moving Iron
MountingP Mount
Weight 6 g
Stylus Elliptical
Tracking Force 1.6 to 1.9 g
Output Voltage 4 mV @ 3.54 CMV (45 degrees)
Frequency Response 10Hz-60kHz
Channel Separation 35 dB (10-30,000 Hz)
Internal Resistance475 Ohms
Internal Inductance45  mH (1kHz)
Compliance 20 CUs (mm/N)
Load Impedance 47 kOhm

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