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Dual TKS49S Cartridge - Original - Sold Out

Dual TKS49S Cartridge - Original - Sold Out

Price: 84.00 (Including VAT UK at 20%)

out of stock

Original Dual TKS49S Ultra Low Mass Cartridge
Stylus: 15 µm Spherical diamond
Tracking force: 12.5 - 17.5 mN (15 mN recommended)
Output: 3.5 mV 5cm/s at 1 kHz
Frequency range: 10 Hz - 25 kHz
Channel separation : 23 dB at 1 kHz
Compliance: horizontal 30 µm/mN, vertical 25 µm/mN
Intermodulation distortion (FIM): 15 mN/1.0%
Base tracking capability: 300 Hz/ 70 µm
Net weight: 2.8 g
Turntables: CS130, CS156, CS501-1, CS506, CS508, CS1257, HS148-1, HS148-2

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