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Crosley NP1 Diamond Stereo/Mono Stylus, Sanyo ST05D Ref 391D

Crosley NP1 Diamond Stereo/Mono Stylus, Sanyo ST05D Ref 391D

Price: 12.00 (Including VAT UK at 20%)

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Replacement Diamond Stereo/Mono Stylus Ref 391D compatible with Sanyo ST05D/Crosley NP1, NP6 (33/45 rpm speed only) as fitted to cartridges on Crosley turntable/record player systems below:
Cartridge Numbers: NP1, NP6
Record Player Models: CR27, CR40, CR42 Lancaster, CR43, CR44, CR44CD, CR46, CR47, CR48, CR49 Traveller, CR49TW, CR50, CR50TW, CR53, CR54, CR66, CR67, CR69, CR70, CR73, CR73-3, CR74, CR75, CR76, CR77, CR78, CR79 Entertainer, CR80, CR87CD, CR88 Governor Console, CR248, CR248 Songwriter, CR704, CR711 Autorama, CR712 Autorama CD, CR837 Explorer, CR2403A Music Writer, CR2405A Director, CR2406A Director, CR6001A Archiver, CR6002A Revolution, CR6004A Oval, CR6005A Tech, CR6007A Tech, CR6008A Tech, CR7002A Troubador, CR7003A Maestro, CR7004A Symphony, CR8005A Cruiser, RE2304 Retro, RE2908
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 3 to 5 grams, Colour: Red (may vary).
Note - this stylus replacement has a finer spherical tip profile for vinyl single (45 rpm) and LP (33 rpm) record playback and should not be used on 78 rpm records which require a broader spherical tip profile - diamond styli provide for a significant longer stylus life (300-400 hours) than alternative ruby/sapphire (50-100 hours) replacement stylus types.

Order Sanyo Stylus ST05D78 for 78 rpm records

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