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Replacement Styli

The majority of styli are no longer available as original equipment unless stated 'Original'. The replacement styli on this site are precision manufactured in Switzerland to high quality standards that ensure performance closely matches original as detailed. Please note that many styli types are common accross many record player types so colour and labelling may differ from original application. Please check detail in owner manual or on record player for cartridge/stylus type and compare images for match before ordering as it is possible that cartridge types may have been changed or upgraded. If you have not been able to identify a particular stylus from the detail on our catalogue pages then please contact us with your player details and we will check it out!

Coner RCS Stylus Ref 185D

Coner RCS Stylus Ref 185D

RRP: 9.00

Price: 9.00 (Including VAT UK at 20%)

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 185D compatible with Coner RCS as fitted to cartridges on turntables, record players below:
Cartridge Numbers: Coner 3042, RCS, Europhon AG11E, Saba RPG1000, Thomson Savema 905TX0023
Record Player Models: Audiosonic 6010, AS310, AS4010, AS5010, Binatone Philharmonic, Brandt CH2121, CH2126, CH4121, CH5122, CH6121K, CT8123, CT8124K, CT8432, Braun CH5122, Camif RCK 2320, Castel ST100, Continental Edison CC6023T, CH1374, CH1465, CH1476, CH1477, CH1479, CH7045, CH7047, CH7545, CH7746, CR64, CR7266, CR7748, CR7752, CT9430, CT9433, EL1273, EL1463, TD9854, Desmet Others, Europhon 153A, 155A, 212, 1540, 1600, 1640, 1840, 2400, 3000, 5050D, AG11E, AG33, AG50, AG505, AG605 HiFi Stereo 230, RCK42, RCK53, RCK152, RCK183A,, RCK185, RCK1540, RCK1950 (some), RCK2140, RCK2240TLC, RCK3005P (some), RGR8008, RKM112CD, RKM140CD, RKM342T, RKM442, RKM510, RKM512, RKM912, Hifivox VSM CC190, CC191H, CCR385, La Maison de Valerie 77.02254.04, 77.02255.04, 77.2254.03, 77.2255.03, K8.2677.02, K8.2687.02, K8.7042.04, L5.02677.03, L5.02687.04, L5.07042.06, Lansay Tamoure 221405, NogomaticCCRK200, CCRK382, Orsow'e 2000, 3100, 5020, CTP900, CTT1201, Pathe Marconi 25810, CC5037, CC6050, CC6051, CRK320, CRK7165, CRK8057, CRK8058V, CRK8081T, CRK8084T, VSM1004, VSM3004, VSM6004, Realistic Clarinette 13-9035, 13-9040, 13-91242, 13-9144, 13-9146, 13-9148, 13-9150, 13-9154, 13-9161, 42-9348, Clarinette 6, Clarinette 55, Clarinette 66, Clarinette 390, RCT300, RCT2100, Saba Combine Low FI, CT9430, CT9433, CT9533M, Standard TS1001, Steepletone 2002, 5000, 5002, Thomson 5037T, CC6023, CC6053, CC6058T, CH5122, SH5122, TT6051, VT2200, Triumph 4005, 4500, VA4501, Wilson Dihor Minitrio 496, SL300
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 6 grams, Colour: Black

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