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BSR ST20 Stylus Ref 175D

BSR ST20 Stylus Ref 175D

Price: 14.00 (Including VAT UK at 20%)

in stock

Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 175D compatible with BSR ST20, ST21, Onkyo DN31, Ronette RC2/4 as fitted to BSR cartridges below:
Cartridge Numbers: BSR QX8H1, SC1DH, SC7M, SC8H, SC10H, SC11M, SC12M, Hitachi HRD1001101, Onkyo OC31M, Sony SC21M, VX70
Record Player Models: Admiral 1121, 1141-1191, Airline 2123E,, 2123F, 2125A, Binatone Music Machine, Music Tower, Studio 5, BSR 3852, Bush 9330, Capehart CTP25, CTP58, Dejay EMM4, SP2, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP7, SP11, SP20, SP25, SP225, SP475, Emerson 101, 32P50, BH249, D80, DS50, DS51, M15E, Ferguson 1825, 3951, 3951B, Studio 90, Fidelity 1525-7, 15300, 15600, IS500, IS525, IS600, IS650, S100, S220, UA10, UA60, UA105, ITT 3910, 5025, 5030, 5035, 5036, MC4050, Philarmonic JR200, Philips AH979, Pye 1625, Sears 132-90011400, 132-90021400, 132-91361403, 171-32524200, 171-32525200,, 171-32530300, 171-32540200, 171-32540201, 171-32560200, 171-32570300, 171-32580200, 171-32624200, 171-32643200, Sentra 825, Teletone 4750, 4759
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 2 to 6 grams, Colour: White

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