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Audio Technica VM610MONO Dual Moving Magnet Mono Cartridge

Audio Technica VM610MONO Dual Moving Magnet Mono Cartridge

Price: 120.00 (Including VAT UK at 20%)

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The VM610MONO Mono LP model of the VM type dual magnet cartridge utilises the specialised 600 series mono body with internal wiring dedicated to monaural sound and is equipped with a dedicated mono conical bonded stylus. The cartridge features an aluminium cantilever, para-toroidal coils to improve generating efficiency, mono body terminating left and right channels to reduce surface noise and durable low resonance polymer housing.
The new VM range of cartridges incorporate Audio Technica's internationally patented dual magnet design that replicates the structure of the vinyl cutter head by using two magnets arranged in the shape of a "V" to match the position of the groove walls.  The styli fitted are interchangeable so it is possible to change between Mono LP and Mono 78 conical stylus types at any time.
Type VM
MountingStandard 1/2"
Size17.3(H) x 17.0(W) x 28.2(D)mm
Weight 6.4 g
Stylus Bonded round shank conical 0.6 mil
Cantilever Aluminium pipe 23° Vertical tracking angle
Tracking Force 1.8 - 2.2 g (2.0 g Standard)
Output Voltage 3.0 mV (1kHz, 5cm/s)
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Coil Impedance1.4 kOhms (1kHz)
Static Compliance 35 m/mN (cm/dyne)
Dynamic Compliance8 m/mN (100Hz) (cm/dyne)
Load Capacitance100 - 200 pF
Load Impedance 47 kOhm

Customer Reviews

  Superb reproduction of Mono Vinyl  I wasn't altogether happy with playing my many mono records with my usual stereo stylus. Although the music was pleasant enough, it lacked bite and presence. So I bought this Audio Technica mono cartridge to try to bring the music to life. I am so glad I did. It made a great difference. Highly recom  (12/04/2021) John Fisher - East Yorkshire

Replacement Stylus Audio Technica VMN10CB

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