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Akai RS33 Stylus Ref 109D

Akai RS33 Stylus Ref 109D

Price: 15.00

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Replacement Diamond Stylus Ref 109 compatible with Akai RS33 as fitted to cartridges turntables, record players below:
Cartridge Numbers: PC33
Record Player Models: 452, A402, AP-2C, AP-50B, AP-50C, AP-50CB, AP-A1, AP-A2, AP-A100, AP-A150, AP-A201, AP-A202, AP-A300, AP-A301, AP-A305, AP-A400, AP-A404, AP-B100, AP-B101, AP-B150, AP-M11, AP-M33, AP-M33S, AP-M300, AP-M305, AP-M310, AP-M312, AP-M313, AP-M315, AP-M459, AP-M512, AP-M616, AP-M712, AP-M719, AP-Q41, AP-X1B, AP-X1C, EAM 77C, GX Compo, HT-220, HT-225, HT-452, M50, M100CD, Midi 11, Midi 41, Midi 44, Midi 300, Midi 305, Midi 310, Midi 312, Midi 313, Midi 452, Midi 512, Midi 512WB, Midi M312L, Midi M512L, Midi M552, Midi M616WTB, Midi M818L, Pro 22, Pro 222, Pro 232, Pro 410, Pro 442, Pro 3000, Pro 4000, Pro 5000, Pro A1, Pro A2, Pro A3, Pro A100, Pro A100B, Pro A200, Pro A201, Pro A300, Pro A301, Pro A305, Pro A400, Pro A401, Pro A455, Pro A501, Pro A511, Pro A535, Pro A655, SR-2, SR-3CD, SR-5CD, SR-CA3, SR-CA4, System 41, System 43, System 44, System 66, WR-313, WR-571
Stylus Profile: Spherical Diamond, Tracking Force: 1.25 to 1.50.grams, Colour: Black (may vary)

Upgrade Audio Technica Type Elliptical Diamond Stylus ATN3482EP

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