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IMPORTANT - When ordering styli please check that the shape of the stylus shown is the same as the stylus you are replacing and if the stylus fitted is different (except for colour) then Contact Us if you need assistance choosing the right stylus as it is possible that the original cartridge installed has been changed to another type requiring a different stylus replacement.

Acos 104 Stereo Ceramic Cartridge - Discontinued

Acos 104 Stereo Ceramic Cartridge - Discontinued

Price: 25.00 (Including VAT UK at 20%)

out of stock

Acos original 104 Stereo Ceramic Cartridge complete with Sapphire LPS/78 Stylus, stylus guard, standard 1/2 inch headshell mount, alternatic single top screw mount, mounting screws and tags in original Acos packaging.
Transducing element: Ceramic PZT
Element capacitance: Nominally 800pF per channel
Sensitivity: Approximately 100mV 1cm/sec, 354mV 3.54cm/sec
Test load: 2 megohms 100pF
Stereo separation: Minimum 20dB at 1KHz
Downward pressure: Suggested 3-4 grammes, maximum 5 grammes at 27 deg C
Stylus tip radiues: Stereo/LP - 13/18 micron (5-7 mil, 0.0005/0.0007 inches), 78 rpm - 63/76 micron (25-30 mil, 0.0025/0.003 inches)

Note - we are not in a position to recommend specific cartridge replacements for older record player types as there are so many factors to consider concerning requirements including mono, stereo, output, sensitivity, operation and fitment which vary considerably and we recommend that customers consult one of the online forums like vintage-radio.net for guidance and suggestions.

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