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Acos 104 Stereo Ceramic Cartridge - Discontinued

Acos 104 Stereo Ceramic Cartridge - Discontinued

Price: 25.00 (Including VAT UK at 20%)

out of stock

Acos original 104 Stereo Ceramic Cartridge complete with Sapphire LPS/78 Stylus, stylus guard, standard 1/2 inch headshell mount, alternatic single top screw mount, mounting screws and tags in original Acos packaging.
Transducing element: Ceramic PZT
Element capacitance: Nominally 800pF per channel
Sensitivity: Approximately 100mV 1cm/sec, 354mV 3.54cm/sec
Test load: 2 megohms 100pF
Stereo separation: Minimum 20dB at 1KHz
Downward pressure: Suggested 3-4 grammes, maximum 5 grammes at 27 deg C
Stylus tip radiues: Stereo/LP - 13/18 micron (5-7 mil, 0.0005/0.0007 inches), 78 rpm - 63/76 micron (25-30 mil, 0.0025/0.003 inches)

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