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Audio Technica AT-F7 Dual Moving Coil Cartridge

Audio Technica AT-F7 Dual Moving Coil Cartridge

RRP: 229.99

Price: 220.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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The new AT-F7 stereo cartridge features Audio Technica's celebrated dual coil design and elliptical stylus for class leading quality of sound and reliability.
The elliptical stylus has two radii, the front radius being wider than the side radius. This allows the stylus to ride in the centre of the groove, while the smaller side radius can more accurately track higher frequencies.
The cantilever coil assembly incorporates a stainless suspension wire that serves an important role in stabilising the fulcrum position and enables auditory lateralisation to provide excellent expression of the high frequency range.
The dual coil design of the AT-F7 provides outstanding clarity and transparency of tone along with improved frequency response and precise stereo imaging.
Finished in a stylish silver housing.
TypeMoving Coil (MC)
MountingStandard 1/2"
Size17.3(H) x 16.8(W) x 25.4(D)mm
Weight 5.0 g
StylusNude Elliptical 0.2 x 1.7 mil
Cantilever Aluminium tube 23° Vertical tracking angle
Tracking Force 1.8 - 2.2 g (2.0 g Standard)
Output Voltage0.35 mV (1kHz, 5cm/s)
Frequency Response15Hz-50kHz
Channel Balance1.5 dB (1kHz)
Channel Separation 27 dB (1kHz)
Coil Impedance12 Ohms (1kHz)
DC Resistance12 Ohms
Coil Inductance25 µH (1kHz)
Static Compliance35 µm/mN (100Hz) (cm/dyne)
Dynamic Compliance9 µm/mN (100Hz) (cm/dyne)
Load ImpedanceMin. 100 Ohm (when head amplifier is connected)

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